Hybrid IT Infrastructure

Introduction to Hybrid IT Infrastructure   When people think of infrastructure, they generally think about the basic facilities that serve the country such as roads bridges water systems electrical grids, etc. Without a well developed and managed infrastructure a modern society cannot operate. Even the Roman Empire understood the criticality of building a robust well-managed Read more about Hybrid IT Infrastructure[…]

Hybrid Application Workload Management

Authors: William Dupley, Tom Scott    [i]  Introduction to Hybrid Application Workload Management    IDC (International Data Corporation) has described that there are three application development platforms[ii]. These platforms are: 1st Platform: Centralized IT, Mainframe. 2nd Platform: Decentralized IT, Lan/Internet Client. 3rd Platform: Democratized IT. Democratized IT is an environment that enables anyone to do Read more about Hybrid Application Workload Management[…]

Hybrid Delivery

Author: William Dupley Introduction to Hybrid Delivery Challenges   IT is reshaping the Global Economy. New forms of Knowledge-based in-depth data Big Data capture is rocking the foundations of many enterprises worldwide. Conventional service portfolio management and Enterprise Architecture are no longer meeting the needs of the business. Transformation and Innovation now go hand in Read more about Hybrid Delivery[…]

Hybrid DevOps

 Authors: William Dupley & Tom Scott Introduction to Hybrid DevOps DevOps is a framework that allows development, quality assurance, and operations to meet the needs of the business to align with customer demand.  It contains capabilities related to: Integrating development and operations teams to facilitate communication, collaboration, and integration to manage today’s rapidly changing business Read more about Hybrid DevOps[…]

Who is responsible for a Service in a Hybrid IT Operating Model?

 Author: William Dupley Introduction I was sent a model airplane from Air Canada as a thank you for flying over 1 million miles. It was nice, but I did not want to earn another one of these models. Flying is not that much fun after a million miles. However, I have watched over the last Read more about Who is responsible for a Service in a Hybrid IT Operating Model?[…]

Hybrid Service Management

 Introduction to Hybrid IT Service Management Challenges A Cloud service is rarely implemented as one service. It usually needs to be integrated into the existing technology architecture and operating model. This results in different organizations being responsible to manage the service level. In addition to this change, the over service level expectations have also changed. Read more about Hybrid Service Management[…]

Is there still value in developing an IT strategic plan?

Introduction As a Technologist Strategist, I was asked for help to develop an IT Plan to transform a company’s IT operational model. At that time the concept of an IT strategy was not a common practice. After six weeks of work that involved most of the over 200 people in their IT organization, the plan Read more about Is there still value in developing an IT strategic plan?[…]